10 April 2012

24 hours

 4/9/12 - My day.

5AM - turn on the light, hit the snooze several times, not to go back to sleep but to wake up gradually and plan the day

6:45AM - begin the drive

8AM - Pharmacology lecture, at high speed, because we only get one hour a week.
9:15AM - break

9:30AM - begin Med-Surg lecture, which this week is on the colon and diseases/disorders of. Knit while listening; occasional stop to turn page, underline paragraph, ask question.

1:30PM - review and study on school computers, print 40+ pages, arrange statistics class test time for tomorrow, check email, etc

2:30PM - last check-off of the semester; I am now qualified to insert, remove, and feed & medicate through naso-gastric tubes, and feed/medicate through gastric tubes.

3PM - begin the drive home, make & return phone calls & messages. Argue with Bob about his latest fantasy, that his discharge home is imminent and I need to rent a truck he can drive around. Call Bob's nurse for clarification. Call pharmacy for my refills.

4PM - pick up drugs at pharmacy

4:15PM - arrive home, collect mail, greet beasties, decompress by walking around garden.

5PM - eat, study, bathe, study, feed dog, study, check school email, study study study

9PM - bed (with textbook, studying)

10PM - asleep

4AM - awake before alarm, light on, several cat-cow yoga poses while side-lying to wake up and ease the crick from my back (from moving huge potted avocado in and outside, depending on sunshine and frost), plan the day

5AM - dressed, shut off alarm while making tea, washing dishes, feeding cats...

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