21 March 2012

marezie doats and schoolzie daze

 Okay. First the belly-dancing thing. The very basic figure-eight hip thing, while keeping the rest of the body still. First in one direction, then the other. It's a figure eight, and at the same time each hip is inscribing describing a circle, one after the other. You can google it. It's a web site based in Miami, with youtube videos for each move. I'm beginning with the basics, and I have no idea how long till I get beyond that, except I know, the first day I've done a bunch of it, that I feel it...

School is tough. Today we had a quiz, preannounced, that at least two people left in tears from. Come on, people, it's a QUIZ. It's worth at most 2% of your final grade. Don't get so tore up about the quizzes. I know I missed just one out of ten on the back page (labeling the liver, parts of the pancreas, and parts of the duct work) and may have missed 25-50% of the front page. "List the four functions of the liver." I wrote "filter." When I was done with the rest of the test I came back and amended that to "filter, filter, filter, filter."

For the first time I look forward to clinicals. Class sucks. There's way too much to learn in way too short a time period. As I thought it would be, the math class is a way to switch gears and unwind from the stress. Still, statistics, even "Intro Stats," is not a walk in the park. I'm thankful the book is interesting and, in its Math way, humorous.

This week I drove the truck. The car's been "missing," and although I bought a set of plug wires I wasn't sure that would fix it. So I was scared, afraid to find out it was something more intrusive, and put off taking it next door to let The Good Neighbor replace the wires. All week I drove the truck. Monday, once the sun came up, I realized how dirty the truck was. For cryin' out loud, it's GREEN!!! There is MOSS growing on the truck. So I took along a bucket and a scrub brush, and a roll of quarters, and spent some time in a do-it-yourself car wash, and now it's sparkly white. Shouldn't have done that, because then the muffler fell off.

Well, not really, but that's what it sounds like. Something broke loose. It's a good thing this is Kentucky; it's not likely I'll get pulled over just for inadequate mufflage. So I did finally take the car to the neighbor and let him replace the plug wires. I test drove, it seemed good. Fingers crossed.

Mondays are early days, Tuesdays are long days, and Wednesday all I can think is "let me get home and relax." So after the car got fixed I kicked back in the tub for an hour with a book and a strong drink, and now I feel ready to face the rest of the week. Just clinicals tomorrow, and although I'm several weeks behind on the paperwork, I still feel pretty good about it. I know I have gallons of empathy, and that's what really matters.

Summer school, since I haven't had microbiology yet, got my tentative schedule yesterday and it's not so bad. It's a pure science like math, so I'll do well in it.

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