03 December 2011

how cats get named

Haven't asked the neighbor what her tabby's name is, because we don't speak any more than necessary. She's the one who has the dog that keeps coming to the fence, inciting Grrrl to fight (as if Grrrl needed help getting her terrier-chow self riled up); the one who asked if I have a hole in my fence the day I told her that her dog was IN my yard (it's MY problem that YOUR dog runs loose?).

Anyway, I don't know what his name is, this cat who comes in for breakfast every morning, who so resembles Snuffy, but is nothing like him. So for a while I called him Neighbor. Didn't take long to figure out I don't like that name, and started calling him Tabby, as in, "hello, Tabby! Cold out there, isn't it?" when I come into the kitchen in the middle of the night and find him perched on top of the fridge.

This morning I was going through my "CATFOOD!" routine, which is washing dishes, putting the catfood cans in the hot soapy water to warm up the food, wiping down the counters while the cans warm up, making my tea, or coffee, or whatever I'm having, wiping the counters some more (I put out two big plates and four small ones. A can on each of the big ones, half a can on the small ones, and two or three of those plates go on the counter - old habit from when we had dogs in the house and needed to feed the cats UP off the floor) while I wait for the food cans to warm up, at which point I'll begin opening cans while yelling "Catfood!" It's a word they all know. Tabby comes traipsing across the clean damp counter, trailing feathers in his pawprints.

Featherfoot. I shall call thee Nike.


Eileen said...

Cool name! My cats are all "S" names so if I forget a name I can call them Stinky or Stupid or Shithead...not nice but it works!

What made me laugh out loud was your heating the cat food. Just yesterday I had to defrost some cat food because I'd left it in the car overnight. I used the microwave defrost function. What we don't do for our special friends!

Eileen said...

Cool name! I chose all S names for my cats so if I mispeak and say Stinky or Shithead - it works (not nice but they don't seem to pay attention).

What made me laugh out loud was the fact you warm up the cat food. Just yesterday I used the microwave to defrost come catfood I'd left overnight in the car and it was frozen. What we don't do for our special friends!

meowmom said...

That's become part of my morning routine - wash dishes. If by some strange chance I washed them the night before I'll look around the house -surely there's a cup or plate I missed?- for some reason to run a sinkful of hot water besides to soak the cat food cans in. Makes it nice for the recycler too - my cans have the labels soaked off (paper labels, something else to toss into the wood stove for kindling) and they're rinsed clean.