08 October 2011

...my missing tabby...

A neighbor phoned last night to say she'd seen Snuffy.

When I walked over to see, she was sure it was him, "maybe hanging around with the cats that live around that shed..." pointing to a wood shed, "but not one of them, they're all small and hungry looking, he's a big beautiful tabby."

So he may have joined a feral colony.

I wonder if that's where Roadie is when he's not home, if that's where Red and Jet came from. Roadie and Red obviously know --and hate-- one another.

Another neighbor recognized Red from my description, when I phoned to ask if he'd seen Snuffy. He said yeah, he looks a lot better these days.

Jet's left eye is leaking yellow goo. I'd like to catch him and take him to the vet...

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