09 September 2011


 Today Bob had an appointment with the oncologist in the Big City. I slept in till 7AM, then took a walk around the yard taking pictures of the big walnut the neighbor was going to take down today (it's actually on the other neighbor's property, but there's no way it could fall anyplace but into my yard. So I did that neighbor "a favor" by letting them drop it in my yard... and in return I get all the wood. Good deal.). Then I took in the recycling, dropped Anastasia at the drrrrrrrr, and drove to Lexington. Got there an hour early (though I'd set my cruise control on 60! So much fun to watch the other drivers. Some simply don't expect anyone to be doing less than the 70mph speed limit) and went to PetSmart and loaded up on good cat food at sale prices. Then drove to the oncologist. Appointment was 1:15, I got there at 12:45 and was surprised not to see the transport ambulance there. Suspicion. Phoned the rehab. Nope! They did not know about the appointment. Guess I drove to Lex for catfood and no other reason.

Not that big a deal, except the wasted gas, at $3.75 a gallon, and the wasted day I could have spent on homework. And the fact I didn't get to see Bob today, because after all that driving I'm not doing more.

So I made him another appointment, phoned the rehab again to give them that information, and drove back to our small town. Phoned the drr as I was getting off the interstate and they said I could pick up Anastasia. Did that. Came home. Admired the huge intact chunk of firewood laying in the yard, the new angle morning sunlight will take from now on, the kitties playing on their new jungle gym. Maybe I'll post some pictures soon. I'm tired now.

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