21 August 2011

Kitty kitties

  Last week Red began throwing up every time he tried to eat. Monday I took him to our drrrr, who speculated Red had eaten some sort of plant material (he started out vomiting green)which irritated his stomach lining. He kept Red overnight, gave him fluids for dehydration, anti-emetic IV, and Tuesday I took him home with pills, liquids, and a new eye drop to continue dealing with the ulcer in his left eye.

Saturday morning I took Anastasia to the drrrr before doing anything else. She's still active and interested in food, but getting very skinny, except for a bloated belly. I was hoping she had worms, but no, the same thing is going on as earlier in the year - except this time the fluid is pooling in her abdomen instead of in her chest. She is also dehydrated, because this condition pulls fluid out of her tissues and into the pool. So she will have gotten xrays to see just where the pool is (and is not), a shaved belly, fluid drawn off, and fluids IV to combat the dehydration. Poor little Ana.

Then early in the afternoon I visited Bob, taking Barney with me. Barney has not been to see him yet, has not seen him since he went to the E.R. in early March. She was pleased, and so was he, though he said, "I thought you were going to bring Anastasia?" Which pleased me, that he remembered so well what I'd said a couple of days earlier.

I worry about Shorty. She is the oldest. Sometimes she limps. Still she does not have any kitty friends. She's a loner, though she tolerated Raleigh. Growler tries to hang out with her sometimes, and she's okay with that, but he's not always around.

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