29 June 2011

what I did about it yesterday:

When the nurse took Bob back for his procedure and told me it would be about 20 minutes, instead of sitting in the waiting room I took a brisk walk around the parking lot of the 6-building medical complex. It took right at 20 minutes. The rest of the day I sat with him while he waited before and after the 2nd procedure.

I stayed up till 10 last night - that's about 38 hours straight. I could have slept at 7AM or noon or 4PM without effort, but I want to break the weird hours as well as the minimal sleeping, so I did not allow myself any naps. At 10 I took a melatonin and sprayed some lavender linen mist on my pillow. Fell asleep instantly.

Woke up at 1.

Had a drink of water, went back to bed. Woke up at 6. Thought about getting up, but rolled over, fell instantly back to sleep. Slept till 8. Got up. 10 hours. My throat is very sore, probably from the fans blowing on me all night (at least it's not an earache), and my back is very stiff and sore, from a combination of all afternoon sitting and then sleeping for so long. But I'm proud of that 20-minute walk!

What I plan to do about it today:
Get out of this chair!


I phoned Bob this morning to ask how he's feeling, and to let him know I probably won't be there today because I'm stiff from all the sitting yesterday.

He said, "did you get cable or what?"
I said, "No, not yet," getting ready to explain again that I plan to do that as soon as he gets home, but then he said, "'cause it sure looks like cable! There's all sorts of shows on. And it's in the bedroom too!"

He had some confusion yesterday afternoon. I spoke with the nurse about it and she said it's often a temporary aftereffect of sedation and will pass. At least he's in good spirits, and pain free.

Yesterday he told me that on Monday when he stood up in PT, the 3rd time he did it ON HIS OWN. And then, when he was on his feet, he LET GO of the bars ("and I didn't fall down!"). The therapist called him a showoff.

One of the ambulance workers told me in her experience, when someone has been flat on their back for several weeks like Bob was in the hospital, once they finally get some result from physical therapy often it will suddenly snowball. I told him that after his showoff story, and he said he's ready for some snowballing.

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