24 June 2011

Cats update

 Anastasia saw the doctor every Friday for weeks... then skipped a Friday. Dr. Derrickson has been real pleased with her progress, except her temperature has been consistently high (above 103). So he suggested this Friday, instead of bringing her in, I take her temp at home. He suspected the stress of the visit was driving it up. So... this morning, at home, it's 100.4! Normal is between 99.5 and 101.5. I called, and he said take it Saturday - Sunday - Monday, continue the antibiotics, and give him a call Monday to let him know.

Forgot to mention she enjoyed a little of my yogurt with me yesterday. It's Greek Gods Honey yogurt, and I LOVE it. I figured mixing some probiotic in with the antibiotic is a good thing, but I did want to check.


Growler is teaching Red (Schmudge) how to play :)

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