07 April 2011

lemons into lemonade

While Bob's in the hospital I'm teaching the old dog new tricks. I put a stake and 25' cable in the yard, because when we say, "get in the yard," she acts like we said, "go jump into the yard and then come right back here." Since consistency is important in teaching cause and effect, I say "get in the yard" once. As soon as she comes back, I take her to the cable and leave her there for a while.

This new obedience is carrying over into other areas: this morning, even through a mouthful of toothpaste I convinced her to come back to the house and put on her muzzle before rushing to the fence to bark obscenities at Interloper Dog.

~* * * * *~

I am waiting for 9AM to arrive, to hear news of Anastasia.

Yesterday afternoon I visited her at the vet's; took her a blanket, and a bag of fresh catnip for everyone. She looked so much better! Was her normal inquisitive "ten foot tall" self. This kitty weighs five pounds on her heaviest days.

I sat on a stool outside her cage with the door open. She climbed out and walked around on my lap for a while, looking at everything, before settling down to purr for a little while. When I was ready to go she read my mind and climbed back into her cage.

Monday evening they shaved her sides and pulled 80cc fluid from around her lungs and heart. She tested positive for feline leukemia, though in January she tested negative and was vaccinated. Maybe it's a false positive. Maybe that was a false negative. I can't find the lemonade in this situation.

This weekend my 4th cumulative Chemistry exam is due. So far I've done well on the others, and on the homework, but I have managed to get 2 chapters behind in my reading. Caught up half a chapter yesterday afternoon and feel better about it. I bombed yesterday morning's BIO quiz though; I bet I didn't get 15 out of the 25 possible points. Maybe there's still a chance to pull off an 'A', but if there is, it's a slim chance. 3rd "Interpersonal Communications" test was Tuesday and I may have aced it like I did the first two, though I'll be surprised if I got 100% on the homework.

Crap! Been typing for what seems like half an hour, and still it's not nine o'clock!

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