27 February 2011

And again...

Today and yesterday were two more nice days. Yesterday I noticed the peas I planted February 14th ("Sweet Peas") had germinated. Some had washed out of the bed and I took care to cover them back up. Today I spent most of the morning clearing brush out of the fenced portion of the yard --mostly the felled box elder and some apple limbs-- and rebuilding my burn pile. Tried to burn it before the rain started this evening but only managed to hollow it out some.

Thunderstorms today and tomorrow, with a low tonight in the 50s, though tomorrow night's low should be 27. Guess I'll need to make an effort to gather dead grass and leaves to mulch those sweet peas.

Friday I took my NLN!! I scored very high (99th percentile) and hope that's enough to get me into nursing school this fall. That and my 3.83 GPA (which I hope to improve this semester).

I'm really enjoying my online chemistry class. Like the advanced algebra class I took last spring, this is interesting enough to me that I'm going through the text line by line and working every problem. If there were only a career that paid well I could get into that only required me to work math problems! Never mind, I think I'll like nursing. Like it well enough to do it for the next 20 years, at any rate. If I was young and looking at working for 50 years... I don't know, I might still choose nursing. Though now I'm glad I got the 20 years of construction experience out of my system.

Over the years I've often thought I'd like to be able to "start over" at age 20, or even 10, or younger, and live my life over, making better decisions throughout. Who hasn't had those thoughts? Wouldn't it be great to start over -- with the benefit of experience, of course. There have been times in my life I really regretted not being able to do that, when I seemed stuck in a rut and felt every decision I'd ever made was a bad one. Other times I just felt I could be further along my chosen path, with less mistakes along the way. Today I feel pretty satisfied with where I am in life. Sure it would be nice to do a "do over," and I could do it better a 2nd time around, of course, but today I have no big regrets.

Well, if I had just today to do over I wouldn't be out of champagne.

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