05 January 2011

This never ending pattern

Got home from the ER at 2:30AM and have been trying to talk myself into heading to bed. Bob is staying overnight at the hospital; he should be home tomorrow. That would be today. Got home, fed the animals, tried to get Raleigh to eat, fed myself some caffeine - why? because it tastes good, my tea with sweetener and heavy cream... fed the stove, fed fed fed.

Spent the first couple of hours (at the ER) knitting on my sock, then I finished the book I was reading on the Kindle, started another book on the Kindle, then started the hardcover Stephen King book I'd brought along.

I'm tired of my seed-stitch sock. I want to work on the baby blanket a while. But now, I'm going to curl up on the bed with Raleigh, the heating pad, and whatever other cats show up.

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