24 December 2010

kitty drrr

Raleigh went to the drrr Tuesday... then he spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights home and Thursday morning went back to the drrr for observation. Over the weekend. Poor baby. He has Oma's orange and brown mohair blankie with him.

It's the feline leukemia. I've thought for weeks that he looks like he has bags under his eyes, but only recently did he get lethargic. And he's still eating, though not with a lot of enthusiasm... but they all go "off" the feed once in a while. Monday he felt hot to me, and he stayed in one place (on the feather quilt, on the bed) most of the day. When I moved him to the back of the chairtrap, he stayed there.

At drrr Derrickson's, he got a shot to bring down the fever and a pill a day (antibiotic). He has a low-grade non-specific infection. That's not good. There's not a lot good I can say about the situation, except Derrickson will keep an eye on him and try to find a way to fight this.

On knitting: th'Mr wants a pair of gloves to go with his hat. I have completed the cuff, wrist, thumb, and palm of one. Four fingers and one glove to go.

Went on Ravelry and made inquiries on 6 more balls of Taos. This stuff is easy to love.

Well, I'm sitting here going all noddy-headed in front of the keyboard, so I'm gonna gather up my book and yarn and waterglass and get at least closer to the bed, if not in it!

Oh yeah... it's snowing, and looks like it's settled in for a long session.

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