15 April 2010

the Corvids are back!

I've been worried about our bluejays, which we didn't see all winter, and which were few and far between last summer, too. Worried enough I contacted someone in the DNR / Forestry Service, who gave me an unsatisfactory answer about "low mast production" driving them away from inhabited areas and into the forest. Since we live right on the edge of the National Forest, and since we're generous with our birdseed, peanuts, and dogfood, all of which the jays enjoy, this didn't make sense to me. I thought something worse, like avian flu... th'Mr mentioned last week that there are less crows around too, all in the corvid family.

Yesterday I thought I heard a jay.

Today there are three playing in the big walnut tree and others flying around the neighborhood, calling and cooing to each other. They're so smart, so social, and so pretty-flashy. I'm glad they are back.

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