05 November 2009

Frost this morning. Time to take in the hummingbird feeders - I hope the last of the stragglers have made it to the Gulf! I need to bring some plants indoors for the winter too.

Turkeys are back, and we've bought a bag of cracked corn and begun scattering it in the backyard. They look fat and sleek this year.

Boog's been back to the drrr, though his incontinence is fixed, he's still only peeing small amounts and therefore probably still has a urinary tract infection of some sort. He's back on the antibiotics for another ten days. The cat needs to lose weight! I've started putting out smaller amounts of dry cat food during the day, in small dishes here and there, instead of leaving one huge dish filled all the time. Once I tried "weight control" cat food, but all the skinny cats got thinner and Boog didn't lose any weight at all.

Seven seems like much less than eight cats. When there are five in one room and two in another, that's all! I really feel the difference.

Grrrl was bitten on her nose this week. She and the neighbor dogs run up and down the east fence barking and snarling at each other, and apparently one of them got hold of her. She has several scratches on her face and nose, one fairly deep. She licks it constantly, and has licked a lot of the black off her nose! I didn't know that would happen. It's very strange looking, this black nose with pink patches. Nothing I can do to keep her off it, short of tying her tongue down.

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