01 October 2009


Winston made another trip to the vet today. Since a week ago Monday he's lost another pound, down to ten and a half. Monday (three days ago) he stopped eating, and since then we've been force-feeding him baby food with the syringe he takes his vitamins with. Dr. Derrickson gave us some high-calorie milk to blend with regular cat food, a new antibiotic to take once a day, and a decongestant to take as needed. Plus Winston got another shot. He's actually been taking the syringe (of food) pretty well, once we figured out the best way to do it: th'Mr holds him, holds his feet still, while I get his mouth open and squirt, aiming for the roof of his mouth, so not to choke him.

Early this morning, four-ish, he scared me. His ragged breathing woke me up, and when I petted him he felt so thin and so cold I thought for sure I'd be at the vet's with him when they opened. After checking on him several times I gave up on more sleep, got up, and went to the chairtrap with him where after a while we both dozed.

When we got up he seemed better, warmer, and somehow not as thin, though I know he hasn't eaten anything besides what I've squirted into his mouth. Just like when he and Raleigh (and Cuz, RIP Cuzzie) were kittens and couldn't smell anything.

Later today we worked wood, and he followed us out to the woodpile and hung out, and wanted to be petted. Then late afternoon we went to the vet, and now it's late at night and he's had his squirt of food and his drugs.

Dr. Derrickson said if he doesn't start eating on his own again in a couple days he'll have to be admitted and get a feeding tube till he gains some weight.

Feline Leukemia sucks! This is all so heartbreaking.

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