13 October 2009


Winston's not the only one - today Boog went to the drrr, and ended up staying overnight. He's developed a "urinary incontinence" which is worrisome --with a 22-pound cat you always have to watch out for kidney failure-- besides being annoying to keep up with. Last night we gave him a bath and today I washed him twice more, and still by the time we got to the vet he stank of pee. I hope they figure out what's wrong, and are able to fix it. Boog is ten years old.

Today Winston's had the feeding tube in for a week. I wonder how long they can keep something like that in, without having to readjust it? His nose is runny, but his breathing sounds much better. The last few times at the drrr they said his lungs sounded good; the upper respiratory infection had cleared up. He's still not eating, but now he's getting "enough" via the tube to supply his daily nutrition. We've been switched to a canned catfood called a/d, since the vet ran out of the milk-liquid CliniCare. He still shows no interest in cat food, milk, tuna, salami, cream cheese... this is the cat who would wrestle th'Mr for first dibs on the cottage cheese container, and steal egg rolls off my plate!

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