18 June 2009


Today was Will Brown's funeral. He was an awfully nice guy. He will be missed. I didn't go see him when we heard he was sick because I wanted to remember him --this smiling image of him I have in my mind-- just like that. He would understand, and he wasn't lacking for company the last few weeks.

So today at 2PM was the funeral. After the service we arrived graveside at 4PM, and by 4:30 or so it was over. Th'Mr had woken up with chest pains ...actually, now that I think about it, he'd had them yesterday. But definitely from 9AM to 4PM he had a "tightness" in his chest, and trouble breathing.

Saturday is the annual Brown Reunion, of which Will was a big part. We'll be there. I'll make egg rolls to bring. Undoubtedly we'll be asked why we left the funeral in such a hurry, practically peeled out as soon as it was over. It was those chest pains.

If anyone noticed, it was th'Mr who drove us in the procession, but I was driving when we left. The next couple hours we spent in the Emergency Room at Fleming County Hospital, getting him checked out, complete with EKG monitoring, X-rays, and a dose of nitroglycerin. But we're home now.

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