23 April 2009

nAimless' gift

I was sitting at my computer, my back to the room, when I heard a THUNK behind me. I turned to look, and saw my cat nAimless (formerly known as Nameless) sitting on the arm of the big chairtrap, staring down into the livingroom's short trash can. Curious, I walked over to see what she was looking at (and what caused that "THUNK," anyway?). In the trashcan was a black bird. I picked it up and it didn't react. I took it to the front porch, laid it on the porch rail and it just lay there. I thought, "it has a broken neck," and picked it up again, not sure what I wanted to do, but not wanting the cats to torture it either. th'Mr opined its neck was not broken; the bird was in shock. So I carried it back through the house, to the back porch. I got the empty hanging planter I'd used before --from here on known as the bird recovery room-- and pulled some dry grass to put in it. By this time the bird was hanging on to my shirt with one talon. When I got bird and recovery room to the recovery tree I tipped bird toward the basket, let go of bird, bird hopped into basket, I hung basket in tree and I walked away. Not five minutes later bird was gone.

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