28 April 2009

Hummingbird rescue (another one)

I heard a worried squeaking and knew we had a bird in the house. Sure enough, nAimless had a hummingbird in her mouth. I made her give it to me, it was a male rubythroat, such pitiful chirping! I guess he assumed the transfer from cat mouth to human hand couldn't be good. I went on the porch and opened my hands and he made a beeline for the big holly tree. Yea! I had just fleadoped all the animals so I was REAL glad I'd washed that poison off my hands right away. No telling what Frontline or Advantage would do to such a little fellow.

Two or three days ago I rescued one that had flown in through the open back door and was frantically trying to get out the window. Sounded like a giant bumble bee. They're surprisingly easy to catch.

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