03 March 2009

gettin' old?

So today we stopped at the Campus Pub (on Waller Ave (in Lexington)) for lunch. For the record, they have GREAT food. I had a French Dip which came with what I have to assume are home-made potato chips and a dill wedge. He had the low-carb burger, which is their standard loaded burger without bread, and with a salad instead of chips. We also indulged in fried mushrooms and french fries (since they were out of onion rings -- how do you run out of onion rings??) Everything was great, even the volume (low-ish) on the several TVs scattered around the walls.

The TV is what I'm talking about. I glanced up to see a commercial, a Bob Vila lookalike advertising a scratch remover. The man repeatedly scraped a car hood with a nail, then each time ran the magic pencil across the scratch and healed the damage.

I wondered aloud, "Will that work on reading glasses?"

And then I said, "Would this question even have occurred to me ten years ago?"

That low-carb burger, by the way, is a great idea. Why shouldn't restaurants offer a low-carb alternative to every sandwich - just leave off the bread! Slap whatever condiment you'd put on the bottom of the bun right on the plate ("That's what they did," he said), put the meat and cheese on top of it and there you go.

Take it a step further, why hasn't someone opened a low-carb chain of restaurants yet? Same old burgers, pattie melts, club sandwiches, all that, just leave off the bread? I bet it would do well.

More musings, these on the way to Lexington... I bet in fifty or a hundred years CT, MRI and PET scans will be like home pregnancy tests are now. Your elbow hurts? Run the wand across it to see what nerve is pinched.

All for now. I need to go bake some egg rolls. Home made, of course.

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