09 February 2009

25 3 things

Ever since I filled out "25 things" on Facebook, new "things" have been scrabbling around in my skull, knocking to get out.


I've never done a cartwheel. It's simply too far to the ground. With arms and legs outstretched I'd be an eight-foot whirling (collapsing, more like) dervish. I never could do "the splits" either, though I know I'm(still, at age 48) real flexible -- I do yoga(now and then).

I've always weighed a good 10-20% more than it looks like. This is not people saying it to make me feel good; this is carneys --who guess weights for a living-- getting it way wrong.

I have absolutely no mothering instinct. I used to feel bad about this, but now I know other women like me, and it's okay. It's just a shame this isn't more widely known and accepted - a lot of pain and unhappiness could be avoided if women who really don't want children didn't feel society's pressure to have some anyway.

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