07 January 2009

more start-itis is worse?

Today I also cast on an entrelac hat... so now what I have OTN just on my desk are:

Trellis - back, both front sides, one sleeve done, 2nd sleeve halfway done. Still needs collar.
Pacalindrome - halfway through 1st of three (?) skeins. About 10" long so far.
Twiney - still in the eight sixteen rounds of ribbing. My first top-down sock in a while.
Cottolac - entrelac infant cap in white cotton

Carol on Ravelry told me she's working her way toward Project Monogamy ...what a wonderful concept! She's knitting one project at a time. When she finishes a new project she then picks up an old one and finishes it, before beginning another new one.

Kinda made me ashamed to be me. For a minute I wondered if I maybe need therapy? What is it with me and all these simultaneous projects?

I pondered this question while I put down Cottolac and picked up Twiney. The next time I had to go to the other end of the house I made a detour to dig through the stash --do I have any white cotton? The ball I started Cottolac on has run out. If not, I'll continue in some other color... aha. A full ball of white Lion Cotton.

Then it hit me. I can't do project monogamy till I finish stash busting! What's been going on in my subconscious is the need to get rid of all the yarn, whether by giving away what I'm not going to use or by using up what I will. Once it's all gone, all my WIPs will be done and I'll be ready to BUY NEW YARN and knit one project at a time.

Whatta revelation.

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