07 January 2009


Now that I know the method to my madness, I can realistically set goals:

Finish the first round of rectangles on Cottolac. (done)
Finish the 16 rounds of ribbing on Twiney. (11 down, 5 to go)
Finish the first ball of yarn on Palcalindrome (more than halfway there)
Finish the second sleeve on Trellis. (afraid to look)


Jen said...

Im not sure I'm sold on project monogamy. I think there are different projects for different moods. I need a real easy pattern for when I'm having wine with TV, a lace pattern for Friday when all chores are done and I have a 3 hour block, 4 needles for watching chick flicks (don't need full concentration on movie, can look at work), etc. Just a thought.

meowmom said...

Oh yeah, I need at least something portable for in my lunchbox, a mindless movie knit, and something in the car in case I get stuck somewhere. And a "real" project, one that requires some concentration. I can't go to complete monogamy; maybe a more reined in polygamy though.