12 January 2009

Fear not the Frog

I have a confession: I don't like the way Cottolac is turning out, and tomorrow I'm going to frog her. Because I like yarn better than what this is turning into.I'm still thinking about an entrelac curtain, but there's something else I need to work up the nerve to frog first ...think red and green and beige. This white cotton though, it wants to join in with other colors and be a fair isle potholder(s).

Progress on the other three projects is going well. Last night during movies I knit Pacalindrome to the halfway point --halfway if I'm using three skeins of wool, that is, but I'm leaning toward four.

The problem with Trellis is boredom, and now that there's nothing left but the collar and a couple of sleeves I'm afraid there may not be enough yarn to finish. It'll be close.

Twiney is pure joy.
I'm near the end of the sixth pattern repeat (I think I'll do eight seven repeats) and it's really hard to put down. The only problem is I'm working from a hank, not a ball or skein, and no matter how careful I am I end up with something looking like an interstate interchange.


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Lavendra said...

The one with the 3 cats is a great picture :)
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day over there .. looks like you are living in a very nice area.

Conny Carmichael