13 January 2009

Tuesday update

the elements

This morning it snode.

Snowed hard and fast for about an hour, maybe less. Then the sno all went away, I dunno, evaporated maybe. It didn't feel warm enough to melt it. Then, when the snow was all gone, it sleeted. Millions of icy ball bearings. Those went away too. Thursday and Friday nights are supposed to be in the single digits. I want to lodge a complaint.


I've decided to quit torturing myself with this wonderfully dense but irritatingly nit-picky heel, which I may have un-vented, because I've never seen anyone else mention doing a heel this way.

This way: slip one knit one across, turn and slip one purl one across. Every row. Wonderfully dense, but I've said that, and irritatingly nit-picky, but I've said that too. It takes twice as long (well, duh!) and I tend to drop stitches. On the next pair maybe I'll remember I don't want to do this anymore. Pretty, though, innit?


Tonight I made a carrot cake from this recipe. I've never made a carrot cake before, but I had all these leftover carrots from the bag I bought for beef stew, th'Mr does not eat carrots, and I don't eat that many. I was hungry for something sweet. All I changed (of the recipe) is I used Splenda instead of sugar, and since I ran out of vanilla I used 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla (that's all I had left) and a teaspoon of almond extract (also all I had left). Didn't frost it either, as I had no cream cheese. It's delish. Carrots are good for you. Maybe I'll make us a carrot cake every week and we'll be so proud of how healthy we're eating.

The Ultimate Chopper my folks sent me a few years ago is indispensable. I'd never grate eleventeen carrots by hand. That's probably why I've never made a carrot cake before.

Today I cleaned the house, in small doses. I took direction from this wikihow and attacked one small thing at a time, beginning with what was bugging me most. I'm not going to tell you what all I did, but I will mention that I windexed windows in three rooms and even got out the furniture polish. I can see a lot left to do, but it already looks better (to me).

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thinggtwoo said...

I ALWAYS use that heel, I love it - it is so squooshy! I haven't learned any others yet, tho...so I can't opine how it fares against other types. :)