02 January 2009

Books read in 2008

66 books! That's almost twice as many as in 2007 (37)!

Michael Connelly: The Black Echo (Dec 22)
Robert B Parker: High Profile (Dec 14)
John Sandford: Dark of the Moon (Dec 13)
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee: Yarn Harlot (Nov 29)
Robert B Parker: Small Vices (Nov 19)
Newsweek: 2008 Election Special Edition (Nov 18)
Walter Mosley: Cinnamon Kiss (Nov 2)
Anne Tyler: Ladder of Years (Oct 25)
Robert B Parker: The Hanged Man's Song (Oct 16)
Walter Mosley: Little Scarlet (Oct 15)
Christopher Moore: The Stupidest Angel (Oct 10)
Kate Atkinson: One Good Turn (Sep 29)
Nora Roberts: Blue Smoke (Sep 27)
John Sandford: Chosen Prey (Sep 26)
Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants (Sep 24)
Billie Letts: The Honk & Holler Opening Soon (Sep 23)
Scott Turow: Pleading Guilty (Sep 19)
James Lee Burke: Black Cherry Blues (Sep 16)
Stephenie Meyer: Eclipse (Sep 12)
Carl Hiassen: Stormy Weather (Sep 6)
Stephenie Meyer: New Moon (Aug 29)
John Sandford: Mind Prey (Aug 24)
Annie Proulx: Postcards (Aug 22)
Robert B Parker: Thin Air (Aug 22)
James Lee Burke: In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead (Aug 21)
Robert B Parker: A Catskill Eagle (Aug 16)
Sheri S Tepper: Singer from the Sea (Aug 13)
Stephenie Meyer: Twilight (Aug 10)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle: The Burning City (Aug 8)
Robert B Parker: Spare Change (Aug 3)
Robert B Parker: Looking for Rachel Wallace (Aug 2)
Robert B Parker: Blue Screen (Aug 1)
Robert B Parker: The Godwulf Manuscript (July 27)
Robert B Parker: Death in Paradise (July 26)
Julia Quinn: The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (July 24)
Ed McBain: Downtown (July 22)
Janet Evanovich: Fearless Fourteen (July 20)
Tony Hillerman: Skinwalkers (July 19)
C Michael Curtis (ed): Contemporary West Coast Stories (July 18)
Elmore Leonard: Be Cool (July 11)
Janet Evanovich: Motor Mouth (June 29)
Robert B Parker: Hundred Dollar Baby (June 28)
John D McDonald: Ballroom of the Skies (June 25)
Janet Evanovich: Plum Lovin' (June 22)
Janet Evanovich: Three to Get Deadly (June 22)
Janet Evanovich: Lean Mean Thirteen (June 20)
Michael Crichton: Next (June 19)
Anthology: Sudden Fiction (June 18)
Janet Evanovich: Eleven on Top (June 11)
Janet Evanovich: Twelve Sharp (June 9)
John Sandford: Invisible Prey (June 7)
Vince Flynn: Term Limits (June 4)
John Grisham: The Innocent Man (June 1)
Janet Evanovitch: High Five (May 10-11)
John Grisham: Painted Houses (Apr 21 - 25)
Stephen King: From a Buick 8 (Apr 12-20)
Carol N. Douglas: Cat in a Crimson Haze (Mar 3-Apr 11)
Doug Marlett: Magic Time (Mar 10-30)
Larry Brown: Dirty Work (Mar 8-10)
Carol N. Douglas: Pussyfoot (Feb 23-29)
Sheri S. Tepper: Beauty (Feb 20-22)
Anne Hoffmann: The River King (Feb 14-Feb 20)
Sue M. Kidd: The Mermaid Chair (Jan 24-Feb 14)
Wendell Berry: Andy Catlett (Dec 2006-Feb 9)
Ken Kesey: Sometimes a Great Notion (2007-Feb 3)
Robert B. Parker: Valediction (Jan 20-22)

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