22 December 2008

That was fun!

Can I get this in chronological order? Probably not.

Friday morning, up at the crack of "dawn minus 3," (after only four hours sleep - was too excited to sleep earlier) we piled into the car and drove to Cincinnati, where I caught a plane to Ft. Lauderdale (could make this a really long run-on sentence, but I'll pause for air now). I arrived noonish, rented a car, and drove around a while, relishing the fact I had to use the A/C if I wanted to be comfortable.

Found Tropical Yarns after less searching than last trip, when I didn't find it! There I spent an hour touching all the yarn and met Alice, who gave me good tensioning advice (which I'm trying to follow, but my fingers keep tricking me when I'm not looking). I came away with 6 balls of undyed baby alpaca. Yum.

Looked for the Fountain Plaza Diner, which I didn't find till the next day because (1) I didn't know where it was and (2) I didn't know what it was called. I only remembered that on a previous trip th'Mr and I had enjoyed the food tremendously. It's near the corner of University and Pasadena and the sandwiches and desserts are excellent. Saturday Dad & I had lunch there and for some reason I had to justify my choice of unsweetened (vs. sweet) ice tea to the waitress. She was probably new and trying too hard, but still, it was annoying. Left a 20% tip anyway.

But I digress.

At 5PM Friday I was parked down the road from my parents' house, looking at Dad's car in the driveway. I called him on my cell and we talked for a while. He told me about Mom's party (happening the next night), who was coming, what the decorations looked like... I could tell he was excited. He said, "this is the first party we've thrown in 68 years!" I said, "Uh..." and he corrected himself, "I mean since 1968!"

Then I saw Mom's car coming and I put my rental in gear. I pulled in the driveway right behind her. Dad was still on the phone, telling me "Mom just pulled in, if you can wait a minute you'll be able to talk to her," I didn't notice, but he'd come out of the house and was standing in the driveway too. He waved at me in the car and continued talking to me on the phone. It was too funny!

The expression on Mom's face when I got out of the car was priceless!!

...more later.

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