27 December 2008

Freakish weather; I'm not complaining

Wowie, wowie.

When I woke up at nine this morning the thermometer on the front porch read 53 degrees. Now, that may not mean much to you tropical types, but here in my world it means last night before bed we didn't refill the woodstove, and this morning the slider is standing open and the animals are lolling around on the porch. We humans may do some lolling on the porch later, as well.

I know Spring is still eleven weeks away, and a Spring-like December 27th is only a sign of global warming, but it sure feels good to me. The thoughts in my head are all about starting seedlings on windowsills, washing windows and finishing projects.

Finishing projects? I've hauled Trellis and Henley out of the WIP box. Maybe...?

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