26 December 2008

Foiled, disappointed, thank goodness!

So again this morning I'm browsing Kelley Deal's Bags that Rock and added to my list of "gotta knit me this," added 'Laura Petrie' so thoroughly that I went in search of yarn I just KNOW I have, intending to make begin her RIGHT NOW, after all, it's a little purse, right? How long can that take? and nope, I do NOT have the yarn (wool, in 3 colors) that I thought I did (what I do have in those colors is wool-ease, which won't felt), and what a big sigh of relief all my other works-in-progress sighed when we (my WIPs and I) came to the conclusion that nope, can't start it today.

Sweet reason.

Here's that list, in order of inclusion, which isn't necessarily the order they will be knit in:

  • Road
  • Hey, Jute
  • Knotted Up
  • Turtleneck
  • Propeller
  • Laura Petrie

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