25 December 2008

Finish or Frog?

I've cleaned out my email inbox; that leaves only 869 unread messages in directories with names like 'digests', 'cooking', 'quilting', and 'yardening'.

I've started cleaning out the 'digests' directory; it deals with knitting.
In 'Digests,' (still 339 unread messages) under 'knitting.about.com' I read the May 30th Finish or Frog? article and decided to play along...

Off the top of my head, I have these projects currently OTN:

cross stitch 'Wolf Puppies'
cross stitch 'Sewing Room'
cross stitch 'Family'
knitting 'mosaic lapghan'
knitting 'log cabin afghan'
knitting 'sampler squares afghan'
knitting '2nd trellis'
knitting '2nd henley'
knitting 'scrappy sox'
knitting 'SKP#5 sox'
knitting 'seriously ribbed sox #2'
knitting 'scrap yarn stripes sox'
knitting 'his wool hat'
knitting to be felted 'tote bag'

Now I'll go look, and... I'll be dipped in catnip and dangled! I listed them all. Without looking. Well, all but two.

knitting 'mosaic square'
knitting 'SWS neck warmer'

Now I'll sort them.

The 3 cross stitch patterns will have to wait till I have time for them. Frogging is not an option here. The knitting patterns need categorizing:

'mosaic lapghan'
I need to find the pattern and figure out what I did wrong, and where. Also need to decide how much larger it's going to be... and if it's indeed going to be a lapghan or a big pillow cover!

'log cabin afghan'
This is "mindless movie knitting," requires no concentration, but the rows are getting longer and it's getting tedious. Still, garter stitch with long rows is great movie knitting.

'sampler squares afghan'
Needs concentration. A good "take along" project as it's one square at a time, but I'll need to copy pages to make it more portable.

'2nd trellis'
Almost done; needs a bit of time and concentration.

'2nd henley'
Almost done; needs some looking at and thinking about, then can become mindless movie knitting for a while.

'scrappy sox'
Got discouraged after turning the heels and it became too much trouble to keep the color pattern the same on both socks. I can turn these into footies and with an hour or two of concentration call them done.

'SKP#5 sox'
Hit a snag at the heel; I think there was a mistake in the pattern (or I read it wrong). Need to look online for pattern corrections before continuing.

'seriously ribbed sox #2'
A "mindless movie knit."

'scrap yarn stripes sox'
Need to look these over to see if I still like them. It's wool-ease in red, blue, and black stripes, in plain stockinette. Might be a candidate for frogging.

'his wool hat'
Definitely to be frogged. Need a 2nd ball of wool to remake this hat in a size wearable by him.

'tote bag'
To be felted when done, but is it worth it? Should I frog it and use the yarn on a bag from the new Kelley Deal book? Got quite a few hours into it already.

'mosaic square'
Lost the pattern and the first square (of two). Might have enough yarn to finish the square I'm on, and with the 2nd would make a dandy throw pillow. I keep expecting the missing square to turn up. So far it hasn't.

...but the pattern has! It's the same as the mosaic throw. Who'd'a thunk it.

'SWS neck warmer'
To be frogged. A failed experiment in nice soy wool.

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