27 November 2008

T'giving dinner

Oh boy did we have a good dinner.

There were a couple of two-inch thick ribeye steaks prepared on th'grill by th'Mr...

I unimaginatively boiled a handful of potatoes (and then sprinkled them with MSG)...

Lacking fresh asparagus I opened a couple of cans of that...

Added frozen dinner rolls that had to rise for five hours first (that's a first for me, but not a last: they were GOOD)...

And green beans from an NPR recipe that once I was done unventing it went like this:

in a small iron skillet on high heat chop and fry a large white onion,
slop a couple tablespoons canola oil in a(nother) medium iron skillet, heat well,
toss in two cans of cut (not french cut) green beans,
turn heat down to medium-high,
add a large pinch of salt,
toss with a spatula often,
add a couple cloves crushed garlic,
add a (2 oz) package slivered almonds,
stir in the onions,

There's coffee ice cream, but so far neither of us has been especially interested in opening it, though I think I'm ready now.

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