04 October 2008

last quarter

Got laid off last Tuesday --that's a "yea!", btw-- and next Tuesday I start another job. This new one's only 40 hours a week, so a lot less money, but it's also just an hour from home, and on a four-tens schedule which means three day weekends!!!

Being home this past week has been really nice. The weather has turned, nights in the forties and days in the seventies. Early morning I'm bundled in wooly robe and sweats on the front porch, reading and waving to the mailman when he goes by at 9:30. By noon I'm sprawled on the back porch concrete in shorts, soaking up the sun and working on a cross stitch.

On the back porch honey bees have taken over the hummingbird feeders. We still have a few hummingbirds visiting the front porch feeders. Nameless killed a squirrel. Should probably "re"name her Diana the Mighty Huntress? As toothy and claw-y as squirrels are --and as quick-- she must have surprised it and snapped its neck.

I finally finished the cotton Henley; like it, though I need to find buttons for it. Actually, I like it so well I immediately started another one, in the frog tree alpaca. I still have two pair of Ziggys partially complete. One pair is for the pentathlon, so that needs to be done this month.


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