01 August 2008

Henley pix, at last!

Today during morning break I dumped my coke into the bag from which I was knitting. Am grateful it was the cotton Henley and not the new soy wool - I can wash the cotton. Hope coke spotlets come out.

So anyway, Wednesday night they brought unit 3 down and intended to bring it back up Saturday, which means it was likely we'd have Saturday and Sunday off. They don't like contract employees around when bringing the unit up, too much "boiler gases" and other unmentionables. Therefore I was all psyched to go home after work today. Packed my stuff in the van at 5AM so I could just go straight there from work without coming back to the apartment first.

I mean, I hate to lose the money a ten-hour overtime day means, but it's been four weeks since I've been home, and I'm way past ready to go. Then "they" decided the EPA bunch who's been running air-quality tests in the precip needs twice as much power as we've provided, and so we'll be working tomorrow. Possibly Sunday too.

On the one hand there's money, on the other there's time off. Hell, I'd already decided to work every available hour between July 4th and Labor Day, so I was resigned to not going home for two months, but it's cruel to hold out the two-day-weekend tidbit then snatch it back like that.

So, here's Henley progress. I can't see coke spots, can you?

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