15 July 2008

projects update

Put sock #1 on hold while knitting #2 to the same point. The second in a pair (despite rumors of the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome) seems to always go faster for me (if I made notes), because I made notes and therefore follow them (unless I didn't make notes) instead of having to figure out everything a second time. All of which wouldn't matter if I could just commit to following a pattern as written, but that's never happened yet and I'm not holding out hope that it ever will.

But this time I made notes, and I'm zipping right along: Monday knit the cuff and Tuesday (which would be today, for a couple hours yet) knit halfway up the first pattern repeat, which is to say about 16 rows, same as the cuff.

What on earth is it with me and these convoluted sentences today?

My annoying neighbor has done a few things just to annoy me already this week, and when my glance fell on my CD collection this evening I suddenly realized I can be pretty darn annoying myself if I put just a little effort into it (and so I was), only to find out I've become so used to listening to only the sounds of traffic and birds that it's hard to concentrate on needle art with music playing. I'll bet reading will prove to be just as difficult. Sigh.

Nevertheless I got a few more rows done on the rug, and will make an effort to send some phone-pix tomorrow.

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