13 July 2008


Fiftyfour bux an hour today, and if we don't get rained out it's a ten-hour day. I know it's vulgar to talk about money, but it's not like anyone reads this.

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Katherine said...

I'm here from time to time! Just so you don't think that really no one reads your blog, you are actually in my favorites! What can I say--I'm just a lurker at heart, but I had to ask what I have to do to make $54 an hour? I'd like to know because I have an expensive yarn habit!! I'll be back....

meowmom said...

Whoops! What a surprise, but welcome.

As to the $, first you complete a five-year apprenticeship, then you work a Sunday or holiday (double-time day) on a union job.

Quite simple, actually.

Just one thing: When you're a first-year apprentice and everyone tells you, "Don't worry, those five years will fly by before you know it," they're all LYING!!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled yarn stuff...